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IFP School: training the key players in the energy transition

Training is one of IFP Energies nouvelles’ (IFPEN) statutory missions. It fulfills this mission via IFP School.

IFP School trains competent, open-minded and responsible professionals via top-level programs leading to internationally recognized qualifications.


Philippe Pinchon


Interview with ...


Philippe Pinchon, Dean of IFP School


What are the training challenges facing the energy and transport sectors?

Philippe Pinchon : There is significant demand for highly-qualified professionals in industry given the fundamental and increasingly important role played by technology, both in the energy sector and the automotive sector. The fields of engine hybridization, deep offshore, unconventional hydrocarbons or biofuels are just a few examples. Furthermore, the age pyramid in many companies means that recruitment requirements are expected to be considerable in the next few years. Finally, the industrial sectors of interest to us are undergoing significant changes. They require engineers with a comprehensive view of energy issues
who have been trained both in today’s technologies as well as new energy technologies.

What added value does IFP School bring to its students’ initial training?

Ph. P. : What companies mostly appreciate about our graduates – and the reason they are so sought after – are their technical skills, allowing them to be immediately operational in industry as soon as they graduate. Their comprehensive vision of the sector they are operating in and their understanding of what society requires means they are well prepared to develop their careers in optimum conditions. Furthermore, the strong international outlook at IFP School brings students a huge level of added value for their careers in industry. Their experience of a multicultural environment in the School serves them well for their future professional environment and teaches them how to grow and interact within international teams.

What other advantages does IFP School offer for training top-level professionals?

Ph. P. : The School has a highly selective admissions procedure. Thus in recent years, we have had more than ten applicants for every place offered. This means we can take in talented people from all around the globe who, in addition to offering academic excellence, have formed clear professional ambitions and demonstrate outward-looking personal qualities. What’s more, our teaching model relies on the diversity and complementarity of our teaching staff. In addition to the School’s own full-time teaching staff, we also use industry specialists and IFPEN researchers to deliver our courses. The training programs are highly applied and include numerous projects and case studies based on real data, along with internships in the field. For students, this means they are already operating in a professional situation.

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of women made up the 2016 intake: a number that has been rising in recent years