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Les Rencontres scientifiques d’IFP Energies nouvelles - Trace pollutants : recent advances in chemistry, analytical and process sciences

3-5 December 2018
Rueil-Malmaison (near Paris) – France

Industrial and environmental issues of Hg, As, Si, CIrac




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Human activities generate elements that can have a considerable impact on the environment even as traces amount.

The chemical composition of the elements, their speciation and their size have a critical influence on the way they interact with the environment.

Recently, Hg, Si, As and Cl emissions have been targeted due to their potential or proven impacts, not only on the environment - and therefore human health - but also on asset durability and product quality.

 As a result, various economic sectors have been focusing on improving the safe management of these trace pollutants.

The oil & gas, mining, material recycling, soil remediation and water treatment sectors, along with consultancies, research communities and analytical facilities, have set about understanding the underlying phenomena and developing new methods for the detection, characterization and mitigation of these elements.

The purpose of this Rencontre Scientifique is to provide a platform for scientific and technical dialogue, promoting and sharing ideas relating to the management of Hg, Si, As and Cl as pollutants, and analyzing potential removal solutions, supported by a multidisciplinary panel of environmental solution specialists.

This international event provides an opportunity to access the latest developments in the following areas:

  • Analytical sciences focusing on Hg, Si, As and Cl compounds: trace analysis, speciation techniques, gas/liquid/solid analysis,
  • Chemical engineering dedicated to Hg, Si, As and Cl removal: separation and purification technology, plant contaminant mass-balance studies,
  • Theoretical chemistry of Hg, Si, As and Cl: life cycle analysis in nature, biogenic reactions, bio-accumulation.

Main program topics:

  • Hg in natural gas, Hg in fluorescent light bulb waste, treatment of Hg in water and soil, removal of Hg from fuels,
  • Analysis and removal of:
    • Removal of Si from waste sludge, biogas and fuels,
    • As from drinking water and fuels,
    • Removal of Cl from fuels, treatment in combustion plants, treatment of organochlorine compounds in waste water, etc.


Charles-Philippe Lienemann

Scientific Correspondant:

Charles-Philippe Lienemann
IFP Energies nouvelles – Physics and Analysis Division
Tel.: +33 (0)4 37 70 27 26 -


Patricia Fulgoni

Organization Conference:

Patricia Fulgoni 
IFP Energies nouvelles – Communication Division
Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 52 67 21 -



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