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Through its Newsletter Science@ifpen, IFP Energies nouvelles' Scientific Management highlights some of the latest scientific advances.
IFPEN leverages scientific progress on a continuous basis to fulfill its mission: developing the technologies and materials of the future in the fields of energy, transport and the environment.
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December 2018 - Special issue: Recent PhD graduates
- Editorial by Benjamin Herzhaft, Fundamental research program manager in the Scientific Division
- ‘‘BRANE Power’’: of genes and algorithms, an alliance for green chemistry (2018 Yves Chauvin prize)
- Improving the simulation of the transport process in nanopores using molecular dynamics
- NMR and Raman imaging: impregnation of catalysts as if you were there
- Lacustrine sedimentary series: an archive of past environmental changes to better understand the present
- Power in unity: a new approach to simulate complex flows
- Shedding new light on the geological history of sedimentary basins thanks to thermochronometry
- Catalyst selectivity: spectral investigations

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October 2018 - Special issue: Applied Mechanics
- Editorial by Laurent Cangémi, Deputy Scientific Director Applied Physical Chemistry and Mechanics Division
- Wind farms – a more effective layout using modeling
- Semi-crystalline polymers: clays that are ignored?
- Improvement of hydrodynamic models  for floating wind turbines
- Stored heat
- Optimizing the electric cable of a floating wind turbine
- In silico design: digital materials here we come!

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June 2018 - Special issue: Computational performance
- Editorial by Jocelyne Erhel, Member of IFPEN's Scientific Board
- Solving sparse linear systems on heterogeneous architectures
- Pushing back the boundaries of parallelization
- More efficient flow simulations inspired by optimal control
- Faster and just as good: the motto of adaptive methods
- Wind turbines have the wind in their sails, thanks to GPUs
- A hydro-mechanical model for underground naturally fractured rocks

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March 2018 - Special issue: Powertrain and Vehicle
- Editorial by Stéphane Henriot, Director of the Powertrain and Vehicle Division
- Observation of soot in a diesel flame
- LES moves to rapid transients for cleaner powertrains
- Where aviation fuels are concerned... compromise is the name of the game
- Life and death of soot: a model to control the phenomenon
- Ignition simulation
- Pollutant emissions: better knowing them to fight them better

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December 2017 - Special issue: Publications by young doctoral researchers
- Editorial by Eric Heintzé, Scientific Director
- How wet is a flow?
- Journey to the center of a droplet
- Natural hydrogen in continental environments: the question of its origin solved
- HTE in a milli-fixed bed reactor boosts the development of slurry catalysts
- Hybrid catalysis can better deal with bio-based substances
- The i-Clip-Riser® stands up to fatigue!

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October 2017 - Special issue: Control and optimization of complex systems
- Editorial by Grégoire Allaire, Chairman of IFPEN's Scientific Board
- The control of floating platforms for offshore wind turbines: being active reduces fatigue
- Exhaust gas heat: optimal recovery through control/command
- Optimized placements for long lasting resources
- Optimized design of processes: enhanced efficiency, even with ethanol
- Floating wind turbine: increasing reliability  in an “ocean of possibilities”
- Energy in vehicles: we’ve got it under control! 

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July 2017 - A controlled energy transition
- Editorial by François Kalaydjian, Director of the Economics and Technology Intelligence Division
- SCelecTRA: prize for best 2030 scenario for electric mobility
- Biofuels: contagion factors between agricultural and oil markets?
- Biomethane production: a lever for the circular economy!
- Welcome to the club! Understanding and overcoming the obstacles to the adoption of CCS technologies
- Consequential LCA and impacts assessment of legislation on the energy transition
- Renovation of housing: how to support the energy transition of French households?

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March 2017 - Special issue: "Focus on SOLEIL for catalysis"
- Editorial by Jean Daillant, Director General of SOLEIL
- Characterizing catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch: a question of SWING
- Infrared and SOLEIL: good vibrations under the microscope
- ROCK sets the rhythm for catalyst activation
- Surface characterization at the right TEMPO
- Boehmite rhapsody! Controlled precipitation
- Extrusion: playing the SAXS for success!

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December 2016 - Special issue: "Publications by young researchers"
- Editorial by Hervé Toulhoat, Executive Vice-President, Scientific Management
- 2016 Yves Chauvin thesis prize : Kim Larmier
- Complex reactions? Supercritical microfluidics to the rescue!
- Have we solved the mystery of the sedimentary  “black boxes”?
- Urban Traffic: Green lights for eco-travel
- Characterizing foams using microfluidics
- Combining models for better separation

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October 2016 - Special issue: "Multiphysical and multiscale modeling"
- Editorial by Sébastien Candel, Former Chairman of IFPEN's Scientific Board - Vice-President of the French Academy of Sciences
- Soot “sectioned” for reduced air pollution
- For better irrigation of fixed beds
- Basin modeling: crude oil on the menu for microorganisms
- Multiphysical all down the line
- Very often, we need to scale things down
- In search of bridges between multiple scales and multiscale

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July 2016 - Special issue: "Catalysis and Separation"
- Editorial by Denis Guillaume, Director of the Catalysis and Separation Division
- Zeolite based adsorbents and xylene separation: cracking the combination
- Quantum chemistry sheds light on catalytic mechanisms
- A catalytic combination for bio-based plastics
- Cracking heavy crudes
- Effective fuel desulfurization: a question of orientation
- Fischer-Tropsch: a synthesis process that’s still green

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March 2016 - Special issue: "Physics and Analysis"
- Editorial by Cécile Barrère-Tricca, Head of the Physics and Analysis Division
- Mercury in refineries plummets
- Biobased pyrolysis oils: separating into fractions  to more accurately decipher their composition
- MRI: for good impregnation  in live conditions   
- Liquid chromatography  takes on a new dimension
- A voyage through  a porous nanometric network
- CT scanning of foam injection in fractured cores

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December 2015 - Special issue: "Publications by young researchers"
- Editorial by Didier Houssin, CEO, IFPEN
- A kinetic model for complex systems: to what end?
- Trapping the bubble...
- Porous alumina: where is the weakest link?
- Supramolecular strategy: the key to selectivity!
- Chemoinformatics serving chemical EOR
- Measuring soot in engines: a “sizable” problem

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September 2015 - Special issue: Geosciences

- Editorial by Olga Vizika-Kavvadias, Director of the Geosciences Division
- Dionisos: a model of multiple resources   
- History-based models chart the future of reservoirs
- (Multi)scale access to reservoirs  
- When the Earth gives up its CO2
- An innovative 3D approach for simulating  flow networks
- Pore scale imaging to understand pore-to-pore flows

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June 2015 - Special issue: "Low-Carbon Technologies"

- Editorial by Hervé Le Treut, Director of the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute, Pierre et Marie Curie University, Member of the French Academy of Sciences
- Advanced control of wind turbines   
- Saving the environment by good driving
- H2: from energy vector to primary energy?
- Biofuels: what's new?
- Engine knock: self-ignition gets the LES treatment
- An industrial ecosystem optimization platform

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April 2015 - Special issue: "Understanding reaction mechanisms"

- Editorial by Bruno Chaudret, Member and former Chairman of IFPEN’s Scientific Board, Member of the French Academy of Sciences
- CO2 capture: what impact for the environment?  
- CO2 mineralization: a rebounding topic?
- A clearer understanding of fuel stability for a better fluid modeling
- Sulfide catalysts hunt down the oxygen in bioresources
- The genome of a fungus decyphered
- The Li-ion awakes tonight

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December 2014 - Special issue: "Young Researchers Innovative Fuel Production"

- Editorial by Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou, Catalysis and Separation Division 2014 Scientific Woman of the Year _ Irène Joliot-Curie prize
- Molecular grafts revive catalysts    
- Optimum siting of future biofuel facilities
- The multiple facets of amorphous aluminosilicates (ASAs)
- The right catalyst layers go under the microscope
- Processes go to Monte Carlo
- Towards the in silico formulation of fuels?

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October 2014

- Editorial by Luc Nougier, Director Process, Design and Modeling Division,
  and Dominique Humeau, Director Process Experimentation Division
- Pilot unit reactors: alea cata est!
- Stirred, not shaken!
- Recovering well when things get hot
- Industrial fixed-bed catalytic reactors: starting out from the nano scale
- Multi-scale simulation for gas cleaning cost reduction
- Enzyme cocktail for hydrolysis: a recipe that's far from simple

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July 2014 - Special issue: "Characterization of materials and fluids for energy"

- Editorial by Jacques Jarrin, Director of the Scientific Division
- One model for two (enzymes)
- MOFs trap CO2 as they breathe
- Chromatography's hot!
- Strength in numbers (of investigation methods)
- Helping CO2 and brines to coexist
- Combustion goes fluorescent

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May 2014

- Editorial by Véronique Ruffier-Meray, Director of the Applied Chemistry and Physical Chemistry Division
- Oxygen in equations - More sugar thanks to enzymes
- No low-salt diet for refractory steels
- Better management of batteries aging
- Microfluidics, macroadvantages!
- EOR and the water cycle: towards better treatments

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November 2013

 - Editorial by Pierre-Henri Bigeard, Executive Vice-President
 - Microorganisms change their diet
 - Unmasking oxygen
 - Catalysts poisoned by silicon: the investigation progresses!
 - Reducing engine pollution without delay
 - Arid zones on the Equator?
 - Biomass in the tank
 - Pollution abatement in vehicles: from atom to catalytic converter
 - Microorganisms in a stir

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September 2013

 - Editorial by Éric Heintzé, Head of the Applied Mechanics Division
 - Waxy crude oils: may the flow be with you!
 - Seabeds have composite fibre
 - Particle: Quo vadis?
 - Not so fanciful plastics
 - When wind turbines sail away!
 - Catalyst supports under pressure

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July 2013

 - Editorial by Xavier Montagne, Associate Director, Scientific Division
 - Microstructure of granular media: from sand pile to catalyst bed
 - Towards improved modeling of speculative phenomena
 on the oil markets
 - A core sample to improve basin models
 - Images worth their weight in black gold
 - Additives to enhance recovery in a crude oil environment
 - Soft chemistry in the world of crude oil

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May 2013

 - Editorial by Stéphane Henriot, Director of the Energy Applications Techniques Division
 - Combustion jumps the gun
 - Diluting to consume less
 - Electric vehicle motors: things are heating up!
 - Catalytic converters: a poisoning model
 - Towards inoxidizable fuels
 - ENC: strenght in numbers

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November 2012

 - Editorial by Andreas Ehinger, Director of Doctoral Studies
 - A GaMMES model for the gas industry
 - Gaining a better understanding of carbonate reservoirs
 - How asphaltenes aggregate
 - Functionalization of MOFs
 - Trichoderma reesei: it’s all in the genes
 - Molecular modeling of clay in contact with a CO 2 reservoir

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October 2012

 - Editorial by Van Bui Tran, Director, Technology, Computer Science and AppliedMathematics Division
 - Keeping a close watch on batteries
 - CO 2 simulates its own storage
 - Simulation and Co.
 - When grids become gridlocked
 - Turbo under control
 - Getting inside catalysts

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June 2012

 - Editorial by Denis Guillaume, Director, Catalysis and Separation Division
 - Chemistry goes down to the woods
 - Amines are experiencing high throughput screening
 - MOFs: a building kit
 - Quantum calculation to break the code of catalysts
 - Iron is best
 - Syngas purified on Zinc

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December 2011

 - Editorial by Xavier Montagne, Deputy Director, Scientific Management
 - Diving deep into the world of risers
 - Foothill zones give up their secrets
 - Eco-driving for electric vehicles
 - Gaining a better understanding of the properties of heavy products
 - The kinetics of colloidal deposits in porous media
 - Listening steels during their corrosion

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May 2011

 - Editorial by Sophie Jullian, Scientific Director
 - Engine diagnosis using laser technology
 - Atomizing aluminosilicates!
 - Vacuum distillates seen under a totally new light
 - Biofuels turn to fungus
 - CO 2 on the move
 - Getting to grips with particles!

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January 2010

 - Editorial by Philippe Ungerer
 - Combustion is laying the table!
 - Modelica, towards a standard for 0D/1D simulation?
 - Zeolites on demand?
 - Pseudo-Bridging Silanols revealed
 - Improving CO 2 storage using molecular simulation
 - Using noble gases to trace CO 2

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May 2009

 - Editorial by Hervé Toulhoat, Associate scientific director
 - Improving solvent selection for CO 2 capture
 - Stabilizing emulsions and aqueous foam
 - Reconciling reservoir models and production data
 - Optimizing energy management in hybrid vehicles
 - Visualizing unburnt hydrocarbons in low-NOx engines
 - Exergetic analysis and sustainable development of processes

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October 2008

 - Editorial by Xavier Montagne, Associate scientific director
 - Potential of ethanol-dedicated engines
 - Molecular reconstruction of petroleum cuts
 - Microkinetic models for complex petroleum cuts
 - Complex stratigraphic and tectonic modeling
 - Automation and signal processing for engine control
 - Homogenization of a fractured rocky medium

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February 2008

 - Editorial by Philippe Ungerer
 - Observing in 3D on nanometer scale
 - Scaling up flows in heterogeneous porous medium
 - Viscosity of fuels by molecular dynamics
 - Ionic liquids for the environment
 - Advanced fuels for HCCI combustion
 - Large-scale distribution of durable goods and energy demand

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November 2007

 - Editorial by Philippe Ungerer, Scientific Director of *IFP*
 - Looking below diapirs
 - NMR goes into the well
 - Fluidized-bed reactors: optimizing the reaction zones
 - Optimizing complex systems
 - Cut pollution by controlling valves
 - Thermodynamics: from nano to macro

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[in French]

Juin 2007

Sommaire :
 - Édito de Olivier Appert, Président de l'*IFP*
 - Biodégradation des éthers-carburants
 - Sédimentation, Structuration
 - Du bac de sable à la chaîne de montagne
 - Chromatographie bidimensionnelle de la biomasse
 - Calculs quantiques et optimisation des catalyseurs d'hydrodésulfuration
 - Simulation "LES" de la combustion turbulente dans les moteurs à piston

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