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The Carnot alliance for innovation in SMEs

Projet Inter-Carnot – CAPME’UP

Three Carnot institutes, CEA LIST , CETIM and IFPEN Transports Energie (IFPEN Energies nouvelles) have joined forces to step up research and innovation in very small, small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-cap companies.

The CAPME'UP program, as it is called, offers market development and support initiatives, technology platforms and innovation test benches.

The CAPME'UP consortium has introduced an action plan for promoting innovation in SMEs.
The program is broken up into several phases: actively developing markets and disseminating technology in very small, small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-cap companies; providing companies with innovation support; and developing technology platforms.

Innovation support benefits from the synergy and respective skills of the three Carnot institutes:

  • studies of prior art,
  • protection of personal property rights,
  • marketing studies,
  • partner search,
  • assistance in securing funding.

Three particularly promising areas have been identified:

  • system integration,
  • interactive robotics,
  • innovative NDT.

Further information:

>> Read the press release (20th of March 2013 - French version only)


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Interview with Gaëtan Monnier, Director of the IFPEN Transports Energie Carnot Institute