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IFP Energies nouvelles: a major player in the field of EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)

07 July 2015

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) organized the second Chemical EOR Workshop: Key Success Factors on chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in Paris-La Défense from 9 to 11 June; the workshop was attended by more than 60 EOR managers representing almost 25 oil companies.
The success of the event bears testimony to the importance of this theme for oil companies wishing to optimize the production of reserves and confirms IFPEN’s international positioning in this area.

In spite of the fall in oil prices in recent months, EOR remains one of the major issues in oil production. Although recovery rates vary from one field to another, the worldwide average is around 35%. Of the various possible EOR processes, the chemical method is one of the most promising, with the potential to increase recovery rates by 20%.

The workshop’s participants recalled the main issues related to the development of chemical EOR:

  • The need for a high level of interaction between the disciplines of geosciences, chemistry and surface engineering to ensure the success of such operations.
  • Ongoing R&D to overcome the major obstacles, in particular:
    - development of chemical formulations suited to difficult reservoir conditions, such as high temperatures, high salinities, carbonates, etc.
    - development of simulation tools on a variety of scales (laboratory, pilot, field),
    - optimization of the cycle for produced water used in the context of EOR.

Boasting over 25 years of EOR experience as well as simulation expertise, IFPEN is a key player in this field today.

In 2010, IFPEN signed a strategic partnership with Beicip-Franlab and Solvay (The EOR Alliance™). The Alliance offers oil operators tailor-made EOR solutions, adapted to the specific characteristics of a given field. For the Alliance, this represents around ten new contracts a year for studies of oil fields all over the world. Based on these studies, three contracts for pilot projects in oil fields have already been confirmed over the last 12 months.

Upstream of this industrial partnership, IFPEN aims to ensure its research is strongly positioned in this area. As part of this work, IFPEN is developing highly innovative high-throughput experimentation (HTE) techniques with its partner, Solvay, aimed at optimizing the EOR process in a short time.

In addition, IFPEN is developing a complete chemical EOR module in its PumaFlow™ software on dynamic reservoir simulation. Marketed by Beicip-Franlab, the software means that the same physics can be used from a laboratory scale to a field scale.

Finally, as part of its research into the impact of chemical EOR on surface water treatment facilities, IFPEN launched the DOLPHIN JIP (Joint Industry Project) with 14 oil-industry partners in late 2013, with the aim of studying the impact of chemical EOR on water management.

In addition to chemical recovery methods, IFPEN is also examining the development of processes combining chemical EOR with other processes, such as CO2 injection and thermal methods.

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