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Hydrocarbon-polluted water filters: GMT International joins forces with IFP Energies nouvelles to stay a step ahead

26 September 2016

The leading French manufacturer of electrical transformer oil retention tanks, the Avignon-based SME GMT International has joined forces with IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) to develop new ranges of filters for rainwater contaminated with hydrocarbons.

At the end of the 2000s, GMT International was the first company to fit retention tanks with filters capable of preventing ground pollution caused by oil leaks from transformers and discharging rainwater continuously and cleanly (hydrocarbon content < 5 ppm).

The capacity to remove rain water continuously represents an obvious advantage in terms of safety and the environment for customers.

The innovation rapidly enabled GMT to become market leader in its sector. Moreover, the company's technological and manufacturing expertise allows for considerable flexibility: it can develop custom solutions or handle short and medium production runs. Now seeking to consolidate its position, GMT is joining forces with IFPEN to optimize the performance of its standard range, broaden its offer to include new synthetic and plant oils and target new markets in the water treatment sector.

This partnership fits squarely with IFPEN's policy of providing technological support to innovative SMEs. "IFPEN is lending GMT its expertise, particularly in the fields of filter media and hydrocarbons, as well as test bench design. We are thus contributing to GMT's R&D programs that are so pivotal to the company's growth" specifies Georgia Plouchart, IFPEN's regional SME officer.

"By reinforcing our R&D we can position ourselves as filtration experts and consider targeting new markets. Quite apart from the technical expertise it brings, being associated with IFPEN raises our profile and this can only help drive our expansion in France and elsewhere", adds Johan Fournel, CEO of GMT International.

Thanks to these new technological developments, GMT International has set itself the objective of doubling its turnover over the next three years by expanding the flow range of its filters (up to 2,400 l/min) and targeting additional applications.

GMT International has been an energy and environmental protection sector player for nearly 12 years, designing, manufacturing and distributing equipment dedicated to oil retention, natural extinguishing, active high-pressure water mist extinguishing and rainwater filtration around electrical transformers. The company handles major accounts in France and around the world and has two subsidiaries, in Spain and Brazil. Innovation has been a fundamental component of the company's development strategy since its creation

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major research and training player in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. From research to industry, technological innovation is central to all its activities, hinged around three strategic priorities: sustainable mobility, new energies and responsible oil and gas. IFPEN supports the economic development of SMEs by giving them access to its technical resources, scientific expertise and know-how in producing innovative processes and products on an industrial scale, through fair R&D partnership contracts.

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