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Scientific visit to IFPEN by Béatrice Rivière, Professor at Rice University (Houston, USA)

September 2016

Prof. Béatrice Rivière

IFPEN’s Mechatronics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Division hosted Professor Béatrice Rivière, currently head of the Computational and Applied Mathematics Department at Rice University (Houston, Texas, USA) from 1 June to 27 July 2016.

This scientific visit followed two recent events:

  • in May 2014, Béatrice Rivière visited IFPEN to present a seminar and launch discussions relating to DG (Discontinuous Galerkin) methods, one of the emerging numerical techniques for the simulation of phenomena in porous environments;
  • in December 2015, coinciding with IFPEN’s SimRace 2015 scientific conference, for which she was a Scientific Committee member, discussions continued to define the program for the subsequent scientific visit.

During her time at IFPEN, Prof. Béatrice Rivière's work focused primarily on the comparison of DG numerical methods in porous media - as applied by her research group - with other methods developed by IFPEN (hybrid grids) on basin and reservoir simulation cases in the field of geosciences.

In addition to oral presentations concerning her research activities, she interacted with IFPEN PhD students in this field, and their supervisors, as well as with Mrs Vivette Girault, Professor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), who is overseeing several applied mathematics theses carried out at IFPEN.

Prof. Béatrice Rivière’s visit reflects the mutual benefits of scientific collaboration for the research teams of both institutions, and similar initiatives will take place in the future: firstly, in October 2016, an IFPEN researcher visited Rice University. Joint post-doctoral research and publications will follow.

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