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IFPEN at the forefront of dual-fuel engine development

February 2014

Innovative technologies to reduce CO2 emissions

IFPEN is actively working on the dual-fuel engine concepts, using fuels with different physicochemical properties. The aim is to offer innovative technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. Carried out jointly with industrial partners, the research has proved the benefits of this type of combustion and identified the fundamental mechanisms involved.

Numerous experimental and simulation studies have been undertaken by IFPEN in cooperation with partners from industry, the aim being to demonstrate the benefits of this new combustion mode in terms of improving energy efficiency and reducing pollutant emissions. IFPEN has thus shown that it is possible to obtain engine efficiencies equivalent to those of diesel engines and at the same time comply with emission limits using highly simplified after-treatment systems. And in the case of natural gas, the CO2 emissions are cut by up to 25% compared to a diesel engine.

The body of research and knowledge built up has positioned IFPEN as a leader in this field, capable of offering its partners innovative technological solutions for the vehicles of tomorrow



 > Example of combustion in a gas/diesel oil dual-fuel engine  (video)



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For further information
 > Clean, fuel-efficient vehicles - IFP Energies nouvelles develops the Dual Fuel multi-fuel approach (press release - 18 September 2012)


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