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Development of electric vehicle: where are we now?

October 2016

Electric vehicles – a term which refers to battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) – are regarded as one way to lower energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of transport.

While mild or full hybrid vehicles are gradually becoming more widespread, the market for electric vehicles is still developing.

While the symbolic threshold of one million electric vehicles in circulation worldwide was surpassed in 2015 and sales are increasing from year to year, certain limitations could nevertheless hinder this growth:

  • high purchase prices,
  •  the need to establish incentive-based public policies to significantly increase sales,
  • vehicle range,

are challenges to overcome before electric vehicles become a sustainable part of the world’s automobile fleet.

This memorandum takes stock of this specific market and highlights the reasons to believe in its continued progress. It mainly discusses private vehicles (including microcars) and utility vehicles, but a specific section is dedicated to mopeds and motorbikes.

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