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Powertrains of the future

IFPEN works with its industrial partners to design and develop innovative technological solutions as part of collaborative programs aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

Land powertrains

Thanks to the innovative approach of its teams and its design and development resources, IFPEN offers differentiated solutions to address the major challenges in the field (CO2, air quality, etc.) within the constraints of industrial realities (development cycles, costs, etc.).

  • Employing an incremental innovation approach, the development of technologies and concepts to improve efficiency: for example, exploiting the potential of high-pressure injection, variable valve timing and air loop electrification.
Véhicule Twingo de démonstration Powerful - Two-stroke Diesel engine
  • For the medium and long terms, developments aimed at a radical breakthrough in terms of efficiency and emissions at source: variable kinematic engine, the use of a combustion booster, GCI (gasoline compression ignition), lean-burn, as well as the reduction in the cost of the diesel engine while conserving its intrinsic qualities (2-stroke engine).
Control the parameters of combustion

Aviation powertrains

IFPEN develops new diesel piston engines designed to reduce the fuel consumption of aviation powertrains. These innovations relate to ranges < 1 MW:

  • diesel engines with a power density above 1.5 kW/kg
  • reliable and safe operation with conventional and alternative jet fuels thanks to custom design
  • Diesel APU in a broad range of 100 to 1000 kW


Our strengths

o  Powertrain engineering expertise recognized by the sector's professionals
o  A solid partnership with Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroën within the GSM (Groupement Scientifique Moteurs) Economic Interest Group
o  A role as leadership dans des projets collaboratifs français et européens
o  Outstanding design simulation tools and experimental validation resources

+ Research themes > Sustainable mobility > Towards high-efficiency powertrains

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For more information about IFP Energies nouvelles' activities in the field of powertrains of the future, contact:


Bertrand Gatellier, R&I Program Manager at IFPEN

Research for enterprises

IFPEN Transports Energie has been part of the Carnot Institutes network since 2006.
This label is testimony to the scientific quality of IFPEN's R&I projects and its capacity to work closely with socioeconomic partners to contribute to the development of SMEs and intermediate-sized companies.
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