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MAVEL: Electric motors and power electronics

In 2014, IFPEN and the Italian SME Mavel signed an R&D agreement to co-develop and market innovative electric powertrains.


To strengthen the partnership agreement and help to speed up Mavel's growth, IFPEN acquired a 24% stake in the company.


About Mavel

Since its creation in 1999, in Pont-Saint-Martin (Italy), Mavel has focused on innovation in the fields of high-performance electric motors and power electronics.
The company name Mavel Macchine VeLoci (fast machines) reflects its philosophy and purpose, i.e. a firm belief in the potential of rapid electric powertrains, its focused field of specialization.


The MAVEL/IFPEN partnership


IFPEN and Mavel develop electric motor technologies with a very high specific power density (10 kW/kg) and modular control electronics:

  • very high-speed motor technology (up to 200,000 rpm) leading to significant weight and volume reductions
  • low-voltage and ultra-efficient (10% higher than existing solutions) electric motors and electronics for small electric vehicles powertrain offering the same level of drivability as an IC engine or for the hybrid vehicles enabling a reduction in fuel consumption


Target markets

The electrification of functions such as engine turbocharging or air-conditioning, Rankine cycle-based lost thermal energy recovery systems, the generation of electricity by microturbines and the traction of hybrid and electric vehicles.

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