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Industrial partnerships

IFP Group Powertrain Technologies

Industrial partnerships to design new products


Beyond major industrial players in the transport sector, its longstanding partners, IFPEN also seeks out new entrants, start-ups and SMEs, in the eco-mobility market.
IFPEN works in close partnership with them to develop products, technologies and software meeting the needs of this market.

These collaborations, leading to the joint development of innovations, can take various forms, from bilateral agreements to stakeholdings.
A stakeholding agreement can also lead to speed up the company's growth, enabling it to improve and expand its products and services and reinforce its competitiveness.


Audacious innovation oriented on new markets

In a mobility sector that is increasingly segmented on the basis of usages and specific needs, IFPEN is positioned in emerging markets with considerable potential for creating value in the medium to long term, structuring its partnerships accordingly around the following products, technologies and software:


  • Highly efficient engine solutions
  • Hybrid and electric powertrains


  • Powertrain engineering
  • Connected vehicles


Strategic partnerships to support innovation


IFPEN’s innovations are developed through close partnerships with industrial players via a variety of contractual agreements.
The objective of these partnerships is to reduce the time to market of innovative solutions developed to promote eco-mobility in the following fields:

  • Highly-efficient, environmentally-friendly powertrains
  • Fuels for the energy transition


Two major long-term collaborative agreements

GSM - Groupement scientifique moteur


A portfolio of partners covering the range of IFPEN's R&I activities

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IFP Group Powertrain Technologies

IFP Group Powertrain Technologies - logo

The IFP Group Powertrain Technologies brand encompasses the eco-system represented by IFPEN's portfolio of partners

Research for enterprises

IFPEN Transports Energie has been part of the Carnot Institutes network since 2006.
This label is testimony to the scientific quality of IFPEN's R&I projects and its capacity to work closely with socioeconomic partners to contribute to the development of SMEs and intermediate-sized companies.
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