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Offshore wind and ocean energies

IFPEN is developing technological solutions for offshore wind and ocean energy.

Choose the right partner for the development of new technologies.

  • Offshore wind power
    Solutions for the ultra-deep environment and the optimization of electricity production:
    • Optimized mooring technologies for floating wind turbines
    • Wind turbine control solutions based on lidar wind speed sensing: load reductions of up to 90% with respect to mast fatigue and 25% with respect to extreme loads on blades – see the film
    • Deeplines® simulation software for the behavior of wind turbines in their environment (marketed by Principia) - see the film 
    • Floating foundation for offshore wind turbines
Floating Offshore Wind - SBM Offshore

IFPEN is collaborating with SBM Offshore, leading company in floating offshore solutions, to develop an innovative floating foundation for offshore wind turbines.
The collaboration is building on strong offshore and wind expertise and aims to enable the economic development of floating wind farms.
Its floater solution:
 - Is light
 - has low motions and accelerations at nacelle level
 - is modular to facilitate high levels of industrialization
 - is reliable through application of field proven components
 - does not require special construction or port infrastructure (no dry dock)
 - has minimal draft at load out
 - Is installable with light and standard means
 - Has a reduced footprint at seabed
 - Is easy to decommission
The floater solution has reached an advanced stage of development. Together, the 2 partners are targeting floating wind pilot projects, particularly in France, which is taking significant steps to develop the floating wind industry.

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Video : SBM Offshore - Floating Wind Turbine


  • Ocean energy
    Solutions to increase and optimize electricity production:
    • control solutions of wave energy converters: production gains of up to over 50% - see the film
    • monitoring: wave and tidal energy converters
Our strengths

o  Long-term experience in the offshore sector: creation of Technip from IFPEN technologies

o  A network of industrial partners ranging from SMEs to major groups (Principia, Avent Lidar TechnologyDCNS, SBM Offshore)

o  Active member of the R&D network in France and around the world: Ancre, IEA Wind


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