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Advanced transverse services

The IFPEN geoscience software portfolio is developed around optimized service platforms:

  • a computer platform Arcane / ArcGeoSim™ providing a framework for HPC;
  • an integration platform OpenFlow™ providing a common work environment for geoscience applications;
  • a transverse package for uncertainty management and optimization, CougarFlow™.

  An optimized service platform Arcane / ArcGeoSim™ for HPC: Arcane is a C++ framework developed by CEA-DAM (French Atomic Energy Research Center) since 2000 and jointly co-developed by IFPEN and CEA since 2006.
It is intended to ease the development of numerical models and simulators for parallel platforms and to meet new challenges in high performance multidisciplinary programming architecture. In particular, Arcane offers a collection of computing services which allow the engineers and scientists in charge of simulation codes to concentrate on the physical models and on the mathematical and numerical methods, by relieving them, as much as possible, from the underlying computers aspects. Designed from the outset to adapt to parallel computers, the Arcane platform has several original characteristics. It manages the data structures relative to general unstructured meshes in 2D and 3D.
It coordinates the sequence and interaction of the various codes or computer models. It simplifies the development and the use of numerical or physical modules and manage user parameters and reconfigure applications on demand. ArcGeoSim™ is the HPC framework above the primary Arcane kernel for new generation of geosciences scientific softwares including shared services such as advanced numerical methods, common utilities (mesh, I/O) and environment and productivity (documentation, training, daily tests, code analysis, etc.).
Examples include simulation of the geological storage of CO2 and new generation basin modeling solution allowing to account for the role of faults when modeling deformation and fluid flow processes in complex sedimentary basins (TemisFlow™).

An integrated service platform OpenFlow™ providing a common work application environment
OpenFlow Suite™ tools are based on a unique integrated environment: the OpenFlow™ Platform. This guarantees the flexibility to view, analyze and exchange data through a set of streamlined workflows.
The OpenFlow™ Platform stands as a performant and ergonomic basis to support dedicated tools, from basin modeling to reservoir simulation. It handles in a common environment a large panel of data and models and is opened to industry standards. It allows the integration of OpenFlow Suite and external applications through advanced workflow manager.
For more information, contact Hery Rakotoarisoa.

CougarFlow™ AHM and uncertainties
CougarFlow™ is a versatile package to efficiently optimize reservoir or basin models and to thoroughly analyze the associated risks: quantifying uncertainties on reservoir production forecasts, performing assisted history matching or assessing the risk on hydrocarbon accumulations in a regional basin model. CougarFlow™ uses modern optimization and experimental design techniques, and allows customers to better explore the solution space of their problem. CougarFlow™ is designed for safer and enlightened decision making.


Ongoing and future R&I items:

  • new methods dedicated to basin modeling applications (petroleum systems modeling, stratigraphic forward modeling).

For more information, contact Hery Rakotoarisoa.

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