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Biofuels and green chemistry

To combat emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce the hydrocarbon dependency of the transport and petrochemical sectors, IFPEN is working on the production of biofuels and chemical intermediates via the transformation of biomass.

Production de carburant ex-biomasse - réacteur d'ethanol to diesel à IFPEN-Lyon
  • Biofuels

   • Production of biodistillates from vegetable oils (the Vegan™ process).

  • Production of biodiesel (the Esterfip-H™ process).

  • Production of lignocellulosic ethanol.



  • Green chemistry

• Production of bioethylene from bioethanol for the production of bioplastics (Atol™).



+ Research theme > New energies > Producing fuels from biomass
+ Research theme > Refining-petrochemicals, a rapidly evolving sector

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For further information, please mail to:

Jean-Christophe Viguié

Jean-Christophe Viguié
R&D program manager:

- Producing fuels from biomass
- Hydrogen production
- Fuel produced from natural gas

Slavik Kasztelan

Slavik Kasztelan
R&D program manager:

- Petrochemicals
- Biobased chemistry

Key figure

O,5 %

That’s the share of bioplastics in global production of plastics materials.