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Career development

Career development at IFP Energies nouvelles is the responsibility of managers on the ground.

This approach ensures the necessary flexibility for the coherent and shared construction of a forward-looking and efficient skills-management process. It is also based on the implementation of reinforced policies taking into consideration the individual’s own preferences in terms of career development, analyzed against the available opportunities and the benefit to IFP Energies nouvelles and its industrial partners.


Training is a way of maintaining and developing the technical, scientific, behavioral and managerial skills of staff, with a view to anticipating and constantly adjusting to IFP Energies nouvelles’s requirements. The new law on professional training, which led to the signature of a company-wide agreement in 2006, also introduces the notion of co-responsibility. This allows employees to play an active role in their own employability. Training initiatives are therefore implemented on the basis of IFP Energies nouvelles’s strategic goals, taking into account individual hopes for career development.


In a fast-changing scientific, technological and industrial environment, IFP Energies nouvelles has made professional mobility one of its priorities in terms of human resources management. Mobility plays a central role in the quest to find the best fit, in the short and medium term, between the requirements of R&D programs and projects and the skills of its employees.
Mobility, sometimes accompanied by training, concerns all staff. It is one of the cornerstones of career development: it is an ideal way of enhancing and developing skills.
There are numerous opportunities for mobility within IFP Energies nouvelles, the Group or its subsidiaries or with its industrial partners.

Annual interviews

Key management tools of benefit to individuals and the company as a whole, annual appraisals and professional interviews play a key role in IFP Energies nouvelles’s skills-development system. These are ideal opportunities for exchange, providing employees with a clear vision of their own individual goals and opportunities for development.
The annual appraisal is based on professional results measured against the individual commitments made by employees at IFP Energies nouvelles; the professional interview focuses on the development of skills (training, career goals, actions for progress in the short and medium terms).


IFP Energies nouvelles’s remuneration policy is a key factor to attract, motivate and secure the loyalty of staff, encouraging them to work to implement company strategy; it is designed to reward individual performance for the benefit of the group, based on the attainment of goals and an assessment of evolving skills, particularly with respect to the post occupied, with a constant eye to ensuring internal fairness and external competiveness.
The main components of IFP Energies nouvelles’s remuneration packages are:

  • basic salary and various bonuses
  • an annual IFP Energies nouvelles profit-sharing bonus
  • access to a corporate savings scheme, in which IFP Energies nouvelles tops up staff contributions.

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