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Regional development

IFPEN’s social responsibility as a public institution is also reflected by the support it gives to development in the regions where it operates or with which it interacts. IFPEN has sites in the Île-de-France region (Rueil-Malmaison) as well as in the Grand Lyon area (Solaize). It thus works very closely with all the competent local authorities in these regions.

Promoting regional vitality

Contribution to regional economic development

IFPEN contributes to economic development in and around Rueil-Malmaison, particularly via its membership of the Dynamics association, a network of companies operating in Rueil- Malmaison and its surrounding areas that works closely with the Communauté d'agglomération du Mont-Valérien (CAMV - Mont-Valérien urban community). IFPEN is Vice-Chair of the association, sits on its CSR and International relations committees and also supports the CAMV by bringing its expertise in the field of business start-up projects. IFPEN thus helps to develop the region’s appeal in terms of attracting business and contributes to the creation of synergies between small and large companies.

At its Lyon site, IFPEN is regularly called on to act as an ambassador for the region - often at the request of the Grand Lyon -, advising innovative international businesses seeking an area in which to locate. It is also tasked with studying the potential and technological viability of projects in the region. IFPEN thus addresses an important demand on the part of local elected officials. Furthermore, IFPEN actively contributes to economic development in the region via its involvement in competitiveness clusters and new collaborative platforms.

A commitment to the community

IFPEN also works alongside prefectures and town councils in the area of disability and access to employment. To this end, it regularly employs disabled people and seeks to help employees who develop a disability remain in their jobs. In addition, IFPEN works to help young people in difficulty gain access to their first work experience, via short-term contracts and special employment contracts designed to foster integration into working life. The objective is always to help youngsters gain valuable initial work experience that will serve as a springboard to subsequent employment.

An involvement in environmental development

Firmly committed to environmental development, IFPEN has always been closely involved in the Lyon region’s “Chemistry Valley” sustainable development association, first as a founding member and then as Vice-Chair. With the objective of pooling resources and experience, the association brings together local companies and authorities around cross-cutting environmental projects, such as the introduction of an inter-company travel program, the development of tools designed to facilitate carpooling, and the improvement of public transport services in "Chemistry Valley".

In addition, IFPEN is involved in specific, one-off operations - either at the request of local public authorities or directly - providing its expertise in fields related to regional environmental development strategy. One example of this approach is its involvement in the VME project in the Île-de-France region, which led to the introduction of a fleet of electric rental vehicles in the Rueil-Malmaison area. IFP brought its expertise in the development of innovative control strategies enabling the optimization of onboard energy use. It also presented this project to the Rueil-Malmaison town council in order to help the VU Log company locate in the area and roll out its own urban mobility project.

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