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Physics and Analysis

In the field of physics and analysis, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) groups together expertise ranging from the application of standardized tests to describe the usage properties of oil products and materials to the use of sophisticated techniques enabling their detailed structural characterization.

The Physics and Analysis work at IFPEN has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003 for:

  • the development of analytical methods,
  • and the performance of oil product and material analyses.


Scientific skills

  • Separative and analytical sciences
  • Molecular identification
  • Physical and chemical characterization of solids
  • Trace analysis


Research themes

With its globally recognized expertise, IFPEN is involved in major international and European research projects.
In Physics and analysis, the teams’ research work falls primarily within the framework of the following strategic priorities:




IFPEN contributes to the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge by making its research results accessible to the broadest possible professional audience worldwide.
Articles, conferences, reference works: IFPEN promotes its research results via a dynamic scientific communication policy.
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Video (4 min)

Inside a catalyst
It's by analyzing the catalyst and the chemical reaction right down to the level of the interactions between electrons that the researchers discover how to make catalysts more efficient and fuels cleaner
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Video (3 min)

Open season on sulfur
The X-Ray of SOLEIL Synchrotron Samba's beamline allows a chemical reaction involving hydrogen and a metallic catalyst to be monitored live - by Amélie Rochet (Phd Student Soleil Synchrotron - IFPEN) and Virginie Moizan (IFPEN)
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