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R&I Expert network

IFPEN's Expert directors and Experts

IFPEN's Expert directors:


Badin François

Vehicles - Hybrid Powertrains   


Bui Tran Van



Doligez Brigitte

Numerical geology


Espinat Didier

Physico-chemical analysis


Gruson Jean-François



Joly Jean-François

Process Engineering


Noetinger Benoit

Flows and transport in complex porous media




IFPEN's Experts:


Angelberger Christian

Modeling in Combustion Engines


Argillier Jean-François

Colloids and Interfaces   


Bruneaux Gilles

Optical Diagnostic in Internal Combustion


Dalmazzone Christine

Physical chemistry of complex fluids


Duplan Jean-Luc

Biomass for energy and chemistry


Gauthier Thierry

Process engineering - Fluidization


Joseph Philippe

Sedimentology, stratigraphy and reservoir characterization


Lantz Frédéric



Mari Jean-Luc



Nabzar Lahcen

Flows in porous media


Quignard Alain

Fuels and Conversion


Raybaud Pascal

Molecular modeling applied to catalysis


Ropital François

Metallurgy - Corrosion - Electrochemistrye


Schweitzer Jean-Marc

Reaction's engineering


Sciarretta Antonio

Hybrid Vehicle Control


Uzio Denis

Catalytic materials, catalysis and separation


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