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R&I Expert network

The R&I Expert network is fully aligned with IFPEN’s policy of technical and scientific excellence, is consistent with its Objectives and Performance Contract and serves its Strategic Priorities.


The aim of the R&I Expert network is to:


  • achieve the highest level of technical and scientific expertise in all its research and training activities, promote its image for excellence with its industrial, institutional and academic partners, and be receptive to the outside world through a representative body of its best specialists,
  • value and recognize people who have achieved a high degree of skills in their technical and scientific field and who have contributed to IFPEN’s international influence through their results, by opening up professional development prospects that are different from their line-management responsibilities,
  • foster synergies between research activities, development, training and knowledge dissemination within the IFP Group.


The 7 Expert directors and 16 Experts have a particular focus on IFPEN’s strategic thinking.

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