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IFPEN's economic model is designed to foster knowledge transfer between fundamental research, industrial research and innovation. This transfer from the laboratory to industry takes the form of industrial partnerships, the creation of subsidiaries or stakeholdings and support for innovative young companies. Through all these actions, IFPEN helps create wealth and jobs in the energy, transport and environment sectors.

accompagnement technologique

You're seeking technological support to develop your innovation

SME & intermediate-sized companies: IFPEN offers R&D partnerships, particularly in the eco-industries sector.
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You're seeking funding for your project

Several investment funds specializing in the eco-industries and eco-energies sectors are available to help you finance your R&D projects. IFPEN contributes to these funds and provides technical expertise in terms of selecting the companies to be supported.
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partenariats R&D

You're seeking an R&D partnership

IFPEN offers a range of collaborative R&D contracts: bilateral research contracts, research consortia, JIPs (Joint Industry Projects).
These partnerships – numerous in IFPEN's traditional fields of activity (companies in the oil, gas and related fields, motor vehicle manufacturers and equipment suppliers, etc.) – have been developing rapidly in the energy transition sector.
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offre IFPEN

To learn about IFP Group's range of activities

To develop the results of its activities, IFPEN creates companies or acquires stakeholdings in companies that serve as technology transfer links in its fields of activity.


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